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At The Mango Tree Holiday Apartments we offer short term weekly rental.
This gives you the opportunity to book accommodation at a discounted rate from the standard rates available.
Weekly rental is available for a minimum of 2 weeks and a maximum of 6 weeks.
NO BOND & NO BILLS – Weekly stay no more to pay (conditions apply – see below). 

AVAILABLE NOVEMBER 2021Inclusion is 2 people. Maximum is 4 peopleFrom $525 per week for 2 people. $70 per week for each extra person.

At The Mango Tree Holiday Apartments


Please read these conditions carefully. If your booking is confirmed you will be required to sign a Guest Registration Card. By signing the Guest Registration Card you (the “Guest”) acknowledge and agree that these conditions apply to you and extend to any person occupying or visiting the apartment or complex and / or using the facilities in the complex at the invitation of, or in association with you.

1. The occupancy shall be for a period not less than fourteen nights and not greater than forty two nights. If additional nights/weeks are required you must make a separate additional booking subject to availability. This may require that you relocate to a different apartment.
2. The first two weeks accommodation must be paid in full by cash or credit / debit card prior to confirmation of booking and is non-refundable.
3. Subsequent weekly payments shall be paid in advance each week on the day which the occupancy started. E.g. you move in on Monday, you pay every Monday.
4. Weekly rates are for a full seven day period only.
5. There is no refund for early departure.
6. The Guest is liable for payment of any charges incurred by the Guest or a visitor of the Guest together with all replacements and the cost of any damage or loss to the apartment, its contents or the Body Corporate property caused by the Guest.
7. The Guest authorizes the Manager to charge the credit card nominated on the Guest Registration Card for any loss, damage or outstanding charge.
8. Only the people specified on the guest registration may reside in the apartment. Additional guests must be authorized by management. Failure to comply with this clause may result in termination of booking.
9. Water and electricity charges are inclusive.
10. The Body Corporate, the Manager and the apartment owner are not liable for any loss or damage of property which a Guest may sustain while on the complex.
11. The by-laws, rules and regulations of the complex (to be provided to you at the start of your occupancy) and any reasonable directive of the Manager, must be complied with.
12. The apartment must be left in clean and tidy condition. You will be charged a cleaning fee in accordance with items 6 and 7 above if required when you depart.
13. Rubbish must be removed from the apartment on a daily basis and placed in the bins provided. Rubbish bags shall not be left out the front of the apartment.
14. No items are to be stored or left outside the apartment.
15. Indoor furniture is not to be taken outdoors.
16. Noise shall be kept to an absolute minimum.
17. The booking may be terminated if you fail to comply with these conditions.
18. The Guest may cancel the booking at any time subject to these conditions.

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