Port Douglas, Queensland, Australia

Make Port Douglas the region of choice for your tropical holiday

There is something unique about Port Douglas that entices visitors to return time after time. Situated in the far north of Queensland it’s a favourite holiday destination for both Australian and international visitors. Where the Daintree Rainforest meets the Great Barrier Reef and with so many tours, attractions and activities to choose from.

A unique place in the world where two World Heritage listed natural wonders exist side by side.

Port Douglas elevated viewIt’s holiday time all year round in this tropical paradise as Port Douglas’ charming village blends with an exciting array of first class international tourist facilities including fine restaurants, alfresco cafes, and exclusive shopping at the fabulous Reef Marina. Enjoy cruising, sailing, diving and snorkelling, rainforest walks, river cruises, colourful markets and a host of other attractions.

The tropical far north of Queensland, or FNQ as the locals call it, is a place everyone should visit at least once in their lifetime. When you fly here, from the moment you get your first glimpse of the view from the plane you know that you’ve arrived somewhere quite different and special.

As you descend amidst the mountainous terrain or from out over the clear blue ocean you get that feeling that this is a place where Mother Nature has excelled. The land is adorned with lush growth, abundant and uninhibited.

As you step from the plane the tropical heat and cooling sea breeze mix to create a warmth and comfort craved for by so many.
Your journey along the coast to Port Douglas is one of the worlds great ocean roads. The Captain Cook Highway (or Great Barrier Reef Highway) winds its way north, at times clinging to cascading hillsides or skipping along the white sands of the Coral Seas endless beaches.

All this is but an appetizer for the truly wondrous natural beauty of the Great Barrier Reef and the Daintree Rainforest that awaits you when you arrive in Port Douglas.

Only 16 degrees from the equator Port Douglas enjoys a warm tropical climate all year round.

Port Douglas lies at the mouth of Dickson Inlet on a small peninsular with the iconic Four Mile Beach to the east and the mangrove wetlands of the inlet to the west. Trinity Bay stretches to the north, south and east out to the Coral Sea and the Great Barrier Reef. Beyond that lies the vast Pacific Ocean.

One of the most northerly towns on the eastern sea board of Australia Port Douglas is a holiday haven matched by few the world over. Situated in the far north of Queensland, known as the ‘sunshine state’ and at the gateway to the wilderness of Cape York Peninsular. The attractions are all top shelf crowned with access to diving and snorkelling on the world famous coral gardens of The Great Barrier Reef and the world heritage listed Daintree National Park.

Port Douglas

Port Douglas Reef Marina nestled on the calm protected waters of Dickson Inlet

 When will you next visit Port Douglas Australia?

Where is Port Douglas?

Being just an hours drive north from Cairns International Airport Port Douglas is within easy reach from just about everywhere on the planet. The first step is to get to Cairns, the tropical city on the far north Queensland coast. From there just follow the Captain Cook Highway (or Great Barrier Reef Highway as some locals are now calling it), heading north until you hit Port Douglas. It’s a s simple as that.

Where is Port Douglas Australia?

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