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Port Douglas Crocodiles Activities

The far north of Australia is world famous for its estuarine crocodiles (Crocodylus Porosus), commonly known as the Saltwater Crocodile. In the region around Port Douglas crocodiles inhabit many places. These ancient creatures have survived for millions of years and are the masters of their domain. But to actually see one you’ve got to literally go looking for them. The Port Douglas region certainly has its share. On the other hand if you’re not that keen on the mighty Croc you might spend a lifetime here and seldom see one! But if you want to see crocodiles, then Port Douglas and the Far North of Queensland is the place for you.

Crocodiles are without doubt one of the animal kingdoms top predators. However, there are many ways to safely experience the presence of these remarkable creatures. Elusive and shy at times and confronting at others, an acquaintance with the Saltwater Crocodile is a treat not to be missed. Where you choose to see crocodiles is up to you. Either in the wild or in captivity, both options are available.

Hartley’s Crocodile Adventures

Hartleys Crocodile AdventuresLocated just 25 minutes south of Port Douglas, Hartley’s Crocodile Adventures is one of the best places to see crocodiles and local wildlife in Tropical North Queensland. Hartley’s offers an exciting itinerary of action packed activities for you to interact with the local wildlife. There are crocodiles everywhere. Take a boat trip on the lagoon and feed the big saltwater crocodiles. Or wander through the meandering boardwalks that take you through the home of the freshwater crocodiles.

Take the Cassowary feeding and wetland tour then visit the crocodile farm. Or take in the snake show and Koala feeding. Hartley’s also has a licensed restaurant where you can enjoy a coffee, lunch or a relaxing drink over looking the lagoon.

There’s so much to see and do at Hartley’s Crocodile Adventures. Be sure to include a visit as part of your Port Douglas itinerary.

For more information on Hartley’s Crocodile Adventures visit www.crocodileadventures.com

Collect your 10% discount voucher from reception before you visit Hartley’s! (Self drive visitors only)

Port Douglas Wildlife Habitat

Port Douglas Wildlife HabitatThe award-winning Wildlife Habitat is Australia’s leading environmental Wildlife experience. Providing visitors with a chance to observe up close a huge range of flora and fauna including many crocodiles, and one very large “salty”. There are also plenty of the smaller freshwater crocodiles on display. A visit to the Wildlife Habitat is highly recommended. Don’t forget to pick up your discount voucher from the Mango Tree reception before you visit the Habitat for a 10% discount off the entry fee.

The Habitat also is well known for “Breakfast with the Birds” and “Lunch with the Lorikeets”. Why not make a day of it at the Wildlife Habitat? Breakfast with the birds is a great way to start your day and the Habitat has a huge array of native fauna on display. For more information on Port Douglas Wildlife Habitat visit www.wildlifehabitat.com.au and don’t forget to ask us for a 10% discount voucher before you go!

Lady Douglas – Port Douglas River Cruises

Lady Douglas crocodile and wildlife spotting cruise on Dickson InletA trip on the Lady Douglas is a must do when in Port Douglas. There are up to four trips each day depending on the season. This comfortable and spacious vessel cruises Dickson Inlet in search of the mighty saltwater crocodile. The anticipation of seeing these remarkable creatures in their natural habitat as you cruise along the inlet is awesome.

With the local crocodile population eager to greet the visitors there are often plenty of good sightings during each cruise. Lady Douglas operates from the Reef Marina at Port Douglas and bookings can be made at The Mango Tree.

Lady Douglas operates seven days a week and offers a great opportunity to spot Port Douglas crocodiles in their natural habitat. Cruising on the calm waters of Dickson Inlet and Packers Creek.

For more information on Lady Douglas visit www.ladydouglas.com.au

Solar Whisper – Daintree River Cruises

Solar Whisper Daintree River CruiseThe Daintree River is home to many crocodiles. On Solar Whisper, a quiet and clean solar electric boat, you get closer to nature. This allows you to hear, smell and experience without the noise and fumes.

For camouflaged wildlife, zoom in with “Croc Cam”. The 99% success rate spotting crocodiles ensures your best chance to see many of the “locals” in their natural habitat.

Solar Whisper operates up to six Daintree River cruises every day, seven days a week. You can book your spot on the boat at The Mango Tree before you head off to the Daintree for the day. We can advise you of the best time of day to take your cruise. This is dependent on the tide with low tides being the best.

For more information on Solar Whisper Daintree River Cruises visit www.solarwhisper.com

Will I see a crocodile?

If you want to see a crocodile you certainly will but if the thought of meeting these man eating monsters is not for you then you most certainly will not. To see the elusive Salty you really do need to go looking for them.

Port Douglas crocodile experience warning sign

Signs like this may be seen in many places along waterways and beach access points. There is no need to be alarmed. The signs are there for good reason and should always be observed. As the sign says, they are a warning that crocodiles may be present. Although it is possible it is unlikely that you will ever encounter a crocodile. Unless of course you deliberately go into their habitat searching for them.

You should not expect to stroll along the beach and see Port Douglas crocodiles basking in the sun!  Occasionally there may be a report of a croc sighted on Four Mile Beach and it’s big news around town when it happens. Also at the far southern end of the beach near the Mowbray River estuary there is a greater chance of a sighting. Crocodiles may often swim in the open ocean but sightings are very rare.

Par for the course

It’s sometimes a different story on the golf course though. Crocodiles have been reported near the waterholes on the fairways of both Port Douglas golf courses. You just need to be ready to drop a ball and wear a point if your ball happens to land near one.
Port Douglas crocodiles sighting

This young croc was snapped basking in the afternoon sun on Saturday October 18th, 2014. Just as his ancient ancestors have done for millions of years before him. He doesn’t really care that humans came along and built a golf course on his doorstep. Fortunately for the croc the species has been protected in Queensland since 1974.

For up to date information on Port Douglas crocodile sightings visit Croc Watch

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