Frogmouths in house

Papuan Frogmouth at The Mango TreeANZAC Day 2013, and the first guests to check in were two Papuan Frogmouths. The particular Fish Tail Palm which they have booked for their stay is a popular roost for these nocturnal birds and it’s quite likely that these two are repeat guests as the exact same spot has been chosen by these birds in recent years.

A bedroom window of one of the apartments looks directly out to the roosting pair and provides an excellent observation post. The birds hear the window open and reveal their immense red eyes as they turn to investigate the disturbance.

The Papuan Frogmouth (Podargus papuensis) is the largest of the Frogmouth family and is identified by its big red eyes. They are usually only found in North Queensland between Townsville and Cooktown and can be very difficult to spot. They have an amazing ability to camouflage themselves by imitating a branch when they point their nose to the sky and pretend not to be there.

Papuan Frogmouths

The birds will quietly roost throughout the day and then once the sun has set they will begin to hunt mostly at dusk and dawn, searching for insects, small lizards and frogs.

Often mistaken for an owl the Frogmouth has a similar call.

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