Free WiFi At The Mango Tree

Free WiFi At The Mango Tree.

We now offer all our guests free WiFi when staying at The Mango Tree.

We’re very pleased to announce our new partnership with WiFi service provider Delion Pty Ltd.

Guests can now access free WiFi with unlimited time and a generous data allowance. Login and check your emails, check your banking or post to your favorite social media all totally for free.

Paid plans are also available for purchase at very competitive prices if you require a greater data allowance.

How it works

The daily allowance of free WiFi means there is no time limit in a 24 hour period from midnight each day. There is a 500MB data limit in each 24 hour period of free access. Once you reach the data limit you will have the option to purchase additional data if required or your session will end and you will be logged out. Once the 24 hour period rolls over to the next day you will be able to log in again and start with another fresh 500MB data limit and free WiFi.

The current price plans for additional data allowance are:

1 full day:   2,000MB   $8.95

3 days:        5,000MB   $14.95

7 days:        15,000MB  $29.95

30 days:     30,000MB $40.00




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