Eclipse Heralds a New Dawn

Early on the morning of November 14th 2012 tens of thousands of people in Far North Queensland witnessed the amazing spectacle of a total solar eclipse.

Living just across the road from Four Mile Beach we joined the thousands of people that filled this iconic stretch of tropical paradise to watch the event unfold.

With the sun just 14 degrees above the horizon rising over the Coral Sea we watched and waited as the moon began its transit. The time of totality drew near and day light began to fade as the temperature dropped noticeably. Then in almost an instant the full shadow cast by the moon racing across the earth plunged us all into darkness at the perfect moment as passing clouds parted to reveal the splendor of an incredible sight as the moon totally obscured the sun.

The crowds cheered and flashes from a thousand cameras flickered along the length of the beach. After two minutes of totality the most brilliant flash of the brightest light shot from the clutches of the moon to impale an ever lasting image on the memory of all. Port Douglas solar eclipse November 14th 2012

And so the most anticipated event in the history of Port Douglas came to pass. Thousands of eclipse visitors begin to move on and the small seaside village returns to normality to begin what many hope will be a new dawn of prosperity for a land now bathed in the fresh new light of a total solar eclipse.

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